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Sunshine board installation should pay attention to what?

by:UNQ     2020-10-19
223 in recent years, the sunshine board has a very wide range of applications, so sunshine board installation should pay attention to what? 1, the diameter of the nail head should be 1 the diameter of the screw the handle. Five times, and should be coated with waterproof glue. Don't directly on the surface of screw to reduce pressure. 2, the screw should not be too tight, otherwise it may lead to stress and surface cracks. 3, waterproof glue can't use PVC rubber mat or asphalt component waterproof adhesive tape; Sealant, must use neuter glass glue, do not use acid gel. 4, during the installation process, both ends shall not be fixed, and then fixed in the middle. To end should be fixed, and then constructed along the same direction, otherwise will stress concentrated in the center, the product will deformation or fracture. 5, due to the linear expansion coefficient of the sunshine board is about 6 times of metal material, so before with tapping screw, must first drilling on the circuit board, and then self tapping screw must be placed in the middle of the aperture. 6, for PC sunshine board will be as the change of temperature and produce heat bilges cold shrink physical phenomena, so be sure to set aside the PC when installation sunshine plate between the expansion of space. 7, if add a layer of sunshine board under the wave plate, the metal layer should be added to the lower level of the fixed part. Otherwise, the polycarbonate sheet will droop, due to the weight of the sunshine board to sunshine board cracks around the screw. During the installation process, must pay attention to the surface with cement, surface contact of acidic and alkaline substances. Don't contact with organic solvent, such as benzene, gasoline, carbon tetrachloride, Tina water, turpentine or contain such elements of glue, otherwise it will damage the sunshine board, thus affecting the use time of sunshine board!
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