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Sunshine board installation paste adhesive tape

by:UNQ     2020-10-20
1657 although the sunshine board turned out to be a tape, but it is often used for temporary protection plate edge, its aging resistance is not good, so at the time of installation polycarbonate sheet, according to the size and cutting plate after cutting must be with engineering special tape seal perforated plate end, according to the requirement of the installation procedures have replaced the original tape down. Because they have installation project specially for good weather resistance, use for a long time on the sunshine board will not lose its caking property and mechanical strength. The installation process to sunshine board to stick adhesive tape, not only to ensure the plate edge is smooth, but also to put all the hole blown clean, compressed air must be without any impurities, dry. Even at the same time guarantee the polycarbonate sheet profiles and metal plate used in the installation, the end of the u-shaped slot to the tape cover completely, after the installation is complete, there should be no exposed parts. Then in the final shelf pre-installed before installation to check whether there is any loss on tape, found the damaged tape must be replaced. To be emphasized here is that the sunshine plate cleaning methods, cleaning must be used when under 60 ℃ warm water flushing; And with neutral detergent, absolutely do not allow the use of sun plate erosion detergent, in order to avoid damage with plate. Request with a soft cloth or a sponge neutral liquid gently scrub the sunshine board, and disable the coarse, brush, mop and other hard, sharp tools, implementation of clean. When there is grease, wet paint on the surface, the situation such as tape imprinting available stationing alcohol soft scrub; And must rinse thoroughly with water to clean the dirt.
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