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Sunshine board installation criteria of the sealing material used in the process of selection

by:UNQ     2020-10-19
1208 look around us, the daylighting of the polycarbonate sheet most be used in a variety of facilities, so in the installation process will involve the use of sealing material. Seal material selection to meet the requirements for sunshine board is also critical, will directly affect the use effect of the sunshine board. Exactly what kind of material is required? First of all, as the sealing material of viscous material, such as sealant shall ensure that there is no harm to polycarbonate sheet. Second, when we use manual installation sunshine board, sealing tape for example to show the excellent resistance to tear function. As sun plate sealing material itself, viscous material should be in the hot and cold temperature mutations and high temperature environment for a long time to maintain adhesion function, so as not to affect the normal use of the sunshine board. In addition, the sealing strip have excellent weather resistance, and long time not to lose viscosity and mechanical strength. side seal, in particular, will be more strict, at least for water, air and dust is deeply however. Such as sun plate inside if there are any bugs, dust, humidity, or other material, construction, it is on both ends of the plate mouth sealing treatment is important. In the actual construction process, sunshine plate shape are bound to change, because of the need to drill hole, cut. If is hollow sunshine board, general sharp blade can cut. And with general twist drill in drilling is ok, but remember to drill holes, the first step and then expanded to the required diameter. Choose sealing material according to the above standards, can come in handy during the installation of the sunshine board, sunshine board can also so much more durable.
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