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Sunshine board infrared treatment process of the high-tech components

by:UNQ     2020-09-29
2203 sun plate contact in daily life or more, with the most simple, a lot of people on the roof, balcony builds the sun room is the special material. Even for a long time by wind, sun and rain, also will ensure the product's performance, a large part of the reason is that the polycarbonate roofing sheets by a special process in production of molding processing. This special process, including infrared treatment, the use of a high-tech, as well as sun plate has brought a lot of special function. Sun plate is made of high quality polycarbonate raw materials manufacturing and become, the surface itself has a high concentration of UV co-extrusion UV protection layer, can effectively block the ultraviolet ray through, make time talked weather resistance is very ideal. Combined with applying infrared processing on the polycarbonate sheet, another material surface layer, high concentration of cloud droplets coating, so that the material surface tension also had obvious increase, the performance is also difficult to use it. The use of high-tech not only makes the performance of the polycarbonate sheet has made a lot of improvement, thus expanding the scope of its application.
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