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Sunshine board in the production of construction requirements and anti-aging treatment equipment

by:UNQ     2020-10-17
1175 polycarbonate sheet is a kind of surface after special processing products, its quality is very stable, so the use fixed number of year also longer. The special treatment including the polycarbonate sheet anti-aging treatment, make it against the ultraviolet ray in sunshine has played an important role. Used in the production of 1, sunshine board inhibitor since want to anti-aging treatment of sunshine board, that is must use anti-aging agent, thus in the plate surface layer to form a layer of UV, further strengthen its performance. 2, sunshine board anti-aging treatment in production of construction requirements in the process of production, needs to be uv resistant materials evenly coated in the polycarbonate sheet surface, and hamonious with board face. So when the vision strong light, the protective layer can convert short wave to long wavelengths, thus reducing uv damage to the plate. of aging were largely due to the damage caused by ultraviolet ray, so once the damaging effects of ultraviolet ray of sunshine board is reduced, then its aging resistance nature can be improved. 3, the influence of the equipment to sunshine board surface construction due to the limitation of equipment, many still cannot afford the surface coating, especially some of the home-made equipment. It is because of this, so in the production of the sunshine board, can only be the anti-uv material doped into the PC raw materials, processed into the sunshine board. But import equipment in this respect is not so complicated, all it can do the entire plate uniform coating, still can obtain the ideal thickness of anti-aging layer at the same time, as a result, the market will be so durable sunshine board products.
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