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Sunshine board in the greenhouse effect

by:UNQ     2020-10-02
82 followed the progress and development of society and greenhouses also more and more attention by people, in the sunshine board price is an important factor people needs to consider. To further satisfied people's needs, the development of domestic greenhouse gradually towards regionalization, energy saving, professional direction, a high-tech industrialization, automation, mechanization, scale, and the factory farming, supply for the society increasingly rich pollution-free, safe, high-quality green health food. Now we can see common greenhouses in the build process, first choose there are three types of structure, respectively glass greenhouse and greenhouse, plastic shed sunlight greenhouse. greenhouse carried out rapidly in recent years, first in the northern regions of our country have gathered. Compared with glass greenhouse, sunshine board greenhouses not light quality, less dosage of skeleton material, and the sunshine board price low cost, small structural shading rate, long using life, better produce benefit, environmental regulation to get to the glass greenhouse can largely be equal level. Plus sunshine board product of mutual advantage and function, this also resolution to greenhouse and to choose according to different requirements. Is also say, polycarbonate sheet price economy, and the sensitivity and practicability is much higher than other cover material. Because of this, the product is now is now has become the main stream of modern greenhouse to carry out. In fact, about the sunshine board during many years of development and produce, making the market successively introduced suitable for different greenhouse products, bring greenhouse career more processing method. In addition to the traditional double sun plate, considering the sunlight greenhouse insulation problem, users can choose four layer structure of the sunshine board products, so that on the premise of ensure the daylighting of the greenhouses function, can make the greenhouse insulation have obvious progress, more make the energy consumption of greenhouse are better processing. Combined with the current usage, the selected four layer structure of the polycarbonate sheet price products used in the field of greenhouse has achieved outstanding effect, especially in the cold area to the north, by large area to use. Its characteristics embodies as the main body is composed of steel structure, and around the ceiling by polycarbonate sheet cover. Follow the skills, and now also presented some new honeycomb structure sunshine board products, its on heat preservation and heat insulation effect is very obvious. In addition, in ensuring the sunshine board the price is reasonable, we will follow the development of greenhouse in China in the future to present a modern, precise, diversity and the characteristics of urban, supply is more suitable for more selection of quality products.
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