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Sunshine board how to choose

by:UNQ     2020-10-07
197 sunshine board development skills continuously, can according to customer requirements, based on the production line features produce different structure, different results, different color of sunshine board, in order to offer customers use different engineering requirements. So PC polycarbonate sheet what are the categories? First PC polycarbonate sheet from the internal structure can be divided into two layers of insulating board, three layer hollow board, PC sunshine board, rice word sunshine board, straight sunshine board, PC lock sunshine board, and so on. During which two layers of corrugated board first right in building, lighting, decoration use. Commonly used, the price is relatively low; Four layers corrugated board first suitable high building lighting occasions to structural strength requirement, also suitable room table interval ( Including noise barriers) And greenhouses, build ecological restaurant and so on the ceiling and all around. In addition to structure, PC polycarbonate sheet from function score powder crystal plate, intelligent temperature control board, plate, prevent droplets plate type, such as crystal plate is uniform distribution in hollow plate of the special material particles, the light soft, daylighting is decorated with light requirements appropriate occasion; Intelligent temperature control board for made the look of a ceiling temperature or sunshine board equipment, the warm in winter and cool in summer, there are two kinds of principle, is a kind of infrared absorption model, is a kind of infrared reflection type; Dispersion plate is dedicated to interior lighting box, for a long time after a diffuse reflection effect, make the light brightness uniformity and energy saving light source; Prevent droplets board specifically for greenhouses and ecological restaurant planning, prevent droplets aggregation effect light transmittance and prevent drop water harm to plants, animals, etc. Press the color points are lit, lake blue, grass green, blue, green, brown, white, etc. , especially there is metal grey, black, jade color, yellow, red, purple, etc. Colorific chooses first according to the environment of the foil, the love of the customers, the less the number can only take the commonly used color commonly used standard ( Lit, lake blue, grass green) High in the bright light transmittance, and opal, dark brown, silver grey light through the near natural light.
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