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Sunshine board have what special function

by:UNQ     2020-11-07
180 polycarbonate sheet and endurance plate one difference is that the sunshine board has the function of uv protection, and it has been planning into the structure of hollow type, thus can decline the loss of heat. Also is to say, the sunshine board has the effect of cooling in the day, and will play in the evening heat preservation effect, and then ensure that space has been in a constant temperature condition. Has the function of the sunshine board have so special, clarify it has a great effect on regulate temperature difference, compared with general materials, heat loss drops greatly, whether it's built, agriculture, etc which is a kind of outstanding environmental protection material. Although sun plate thickness and layer is higher, the insulation effect does, the better, but this does not mean that the thickness of the thicker the better. So when the thickness of the plank added together, the complexity of its structure is improved and the corresponding price of natural will also rise. Only in this way, according to the practice of using occasion needs, select the appropriate sunshine board is good.
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