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Sunshine board has brought the blinds in life what kind of role?

by:UNQ     2020-10-20
1188 in general, the polycarbonate sheet using more field is the greenhouses and sun room, but it can also bring the effect of different shutter. Compared with other material, made of polycarbonate roofing sheets shutters has more advantages, is of great benefit to products for daily use. made of shutter as one of the curtain, in addition to material change, his way of use have obvious change. The use of the traditional method is artificial stretching or mechanical method, in order to reach the purpose of the open or closed. But after technical improvement, as long as all the setting sun blinds plate plate, and through the magnetic force to control, so both lift is still turn more easily. Due to the particularity of the material, the shutter can also have the effect of shading, at the same time also have certain heat preservation and the noise, and even have strong wind or larger impact, also not easy to shutter form harm. But sometimes though are all made of sun blinds, use performance also has some different, such as hollow plate sun feels feel soft, so it also as a measure of hollow polycarbonate sheet quality according to. of soft hard isn't the decisive elements of quality, its handle is soft, top sheet because the weight of per square contrast light. So sometimes choose sunshine board material contrast is good, but the weight per SQM can not meet the requirements, plate will be soft; Instead, such as the material is bad, components are standard, can also feel better.
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