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Sunshine board has a variety of purposes in the market

by:UNQ     2020-10-31
1678 although always knew sun plate has been widely applied in the market, but also does not have summarized the content of this before, so some confusion. After being cleaned, about all sorts of utility of the polycarbonate sheet can be clear at a glance. Started from the simple, sunshine plate can be used as a wall, roof, high-grade interior decoration materials, such as screen is suitable for commercial building, both inside and outside decoration, modern city building curtain wall; At the same time, the plate can be used as a phone booth, advertising signs, light box advertising, display exhibition layout, etc. Can be found, expressways and urban highways noise barrier is made of the sunshine board. Not only that, agricultural greenhouse and breeding greenhouses are suitable for use sunshine board, such as office building, department store, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, sports stadiums, gardens, entertainment center and utility lighting ceiling and resting places of gallery pavilion can sunshine board as materials. In addition, the polycarbonate sheet used in instruments, meters, high and low voltage switchgear panel and military industry, etc. , as police shield is the polycarbonate sheet as raw materials.
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