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Sunshine board greenhouses advantage

by:UNQ     2020-10-24
78 greenhouses polycarbonate sheet should pay attention to heat preservation performance, improve the insulation performance of greenhouse, reduce the energy consumption and greenhouse production is to improve the efficiency of a direct way. Greenhouse heat preservation is a basic indicator of greenhouse heat preservation performance measure. Greenhouse insulation than refers to the greenhouse pervious to light material thermal resistance smaller area covered greenhouse palisade structure and thermal resistance of the larger area covered with land area of more than the sum of. Greenhouse insulation heat preservation ratio, the greater the instructions, the better. And PC hollow polycarbonate sheet because of its special hollow structure, heat preservation performance is more superior, more practical role in greenhouses. Good durability: PC sunshine board must consider its durability greenhouses construction, the traditional film greenhouses may a year have to change, but the sunshine board quality warranty can be up to 10 years, with more than ten years is a problem, greatly help customers to save time and artificial replacement cover material. Unique condensation prevention function, according to the demand of the market, currently our factory specially produces greenhouse dedicated specifically for the polycarbonate sheet, in addition to itself is pervious to light, heat preservation, uv protection, impact resistance and other characteristics, plank floor is covered with a layer of anti fog droplets layer of condensation process, have natural water diffusion effect, make the plate and the surface tension of the condensed water is greater than the surface tension of the water in the air, thereby the moisture in the air on the plate uniform distribution condenses into water droplets on the board, along the slope slide to the edge, to prevent injury in plants in greenhouse, at the same time improve the light transmittance of greenhouse.
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