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Sunshine board greenhouse than traditional glass greenhouse in where?

by:UNQ     2020-10-16
1215 in recent years, the application range of the sunshine board more and more widely, has been extended to the greenhouse construction, of course, this is because with sunshine board of greenhouse has the very good heat preservation, there are more advantages. What sunshine board than the traditional glass greenhouse greenhouse in where? First, the service life of sunshine board greenhouse greenhouse much longer than the glass, because the high quality PC sunshine board quality assurance period is ten years, its service life in a few years. And the service life of glass greenhouse can not meet the expected time commonly, it is easy to damage. Second, sunlight greenhouse installation plate is much more convenient than a glass greenhouse, it is because the PC sunshine board quality is very light, is also very convenient to install, and at the time of installation seal professional seal and prevent hood, not happen leakage phenomenon; Glass greenhouse obviously can't do it. Anyway, compared with the glass cover of the greenhouse, sunshine board greenhouse has long service life, good insulation effect, heat insulation ability, the advantages of the polycarbonate sheet price for, especially in the northern region has very strong practicability, can play a good role in promoting growth of greenhouse flowers, and the high quality of sunshine board using surface for a long time to also won't be yellow. With excellent heat preservation and heat insulation function, the sunshine board has been gradually used in the more modern greenhouse, compared with glass and other low efficiency of the greenhouse, greenhouse polycarbonate roofing sheets unit energy consumption is low, less energy than general glass greenhouse or so commonly. Light transmittance is another key factor to measure the greenhouse effect, because the sunshine board adopted uv improved processing, so has the selectivity of ultraviolet light through the function, ensure that the plants grow strong.
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