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Sunshine board greenhouse set requirements for the ventilation system

by:UNQ     2020-10-13
1263 everyone is very clear, the sun plate is a device for high quality material, whether it's strength, pervious to light or sound insulation, energy saving, etc, all have good performance, so the material can be such a wide range of applications, is the sunshine board used in the process of building decoration field, besides, it is a ideal choice for the greenhouse built, polycarbonate sheet greenhouse is more of a product. Because have high strength, high light penetration and good sound insulation resistance, sun panels are widely used in various kinds of architectural lighting roof and interior decoration, including the railway station, bus station, airport of ferry terminal and other public service facilities, corridor and so on. At the same time, also can be used as and noise barriers, billboard advertising, light box advertising, and show the main material of exhibition. When used in the greenhouse, sunshine board greenhouse ventilation system to regulate and control indoor temperature and humidity, appropriate growth environment for plants. Usually, sunshine board greenhouse ventilation system can be divided into natural ventilation and forced ventilation, while the two ways have their own characteristics, adapt to different working condition, but it can guarantee the sunshine board is based on the temperature and humidity of greenhouse, promote the growth of plants. Due to the constant expansion of the monomer greenhouse polycarbonate roofing sheets area, to improve the ability of sunshine board greenhouse ventilation have further requirements, in order to meet the requirements of this kind of ventilation, can adopt the way of side Windows and skylights. Greenhouse can be found that the polycarbonate sheet side window is usually continuous window, if sunshine plate covered greenhouse relatively hard material such as glass, PC sheets, driven by continuous gear and rack system; Soft material such as if is film, the film can be used windowing system, enables the polycarbonate sheet in the greenhouse to the air circulation.
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