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Sunshine board features also need to pay attention to the price of the sunshine board USES

by:UNQ     2020-10-02
173 mentioned sunshine board price, first, let's actually is also to pay attention to a kind of the material in this temporary import car factory produce speaking, about is also in the 50 or so, the next words, its to a large extent, is also a kind of brand - in 75 Around 90. And we produce sunshine board price terms, also is the professional temporary good polycarbonate sheet. And board on the using life of words, sunshine is also achieved more than 10 years, and in terms of the other manufacturers, have a plenty of use of the above information, however, its quality than we produced by the sunshine board, given that, is also should be pay attention to the centering on sport! Moreover, sunshine board price terms, also is the thickness of the note to have a look at it, often to use also is about 10 mm thickness is also in the 60 - 80 yuan/square meters. Next words, its to a large extent, also can choose different quantity and different scale to make sure that the polycarbonate sheet price. Then, let's our country, have more manufacturers speaking, to a great extent, is also do the above this level, if only to see the price! If customers are willing to give the two brands on price, so let's do any manufacturer in China are not worse than them! Next, characteristics of the sunshine board, for its quality assurance, is also reached 10 years, about also is that there will be many different specifications and this point is also able to customized! We produce sunshine plate volume, also is a kind of better engineering plastics, composite function and this point, is also has excellent physical, mechanical and electrical and thermal function. Has a good impact resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation, daylighting, uv protection and flame retardant strengths, its burning function of the volume is also reached the flame retardant B1 level. in addition to the above said price, features, also is to pay attention to the board the usefulness of the sun, the daylighting of the widely used on the common and civil building with gear canopy, channel, ceiling, sound barriers, market tops and plants greenhouse down the highway, which this point, it to a large extent, also is in the world now use more ambitious a light tent material, and board for the sunshine, also is the modern building decoration industry widely in esteem and the praise of a new generation of products.
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