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Sunshine board economical worth using

by:UNQ     2020-10-02
189 plate impact resistant to strong sunshine, in practice, on season climate, sunshine board room table temperature difference will lead to water vapor north condensation on the walls and jingse in greenhouse, a small droplets, the sunlight transmission rate cuts, because further condensation, they will drop down damage to plants. With anti-fog function of the sunshine board price economy, and is made of polycarbonate material production, the high-tech and infrared special craft processing. From the analysis, the economic cost sunshine board, use the outstanding function. Spread evenly on the plate with a high concentration of UV co-extrusion, UV protection layer to block UV, and maintain the stability of the plant uptake of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, weather resistance for a long time. Briefly speaking, the sunshine board products not only has the general sun plate all good function, can prevent did together, make the moisture in the air on the plank even condenses into water droplets spread on the board, along the inclined plane ( The direction of the plate reinforced rib) Slide to marginal, not dripping directly, then reach the droplets. Because of have the function of such characteristics, so the sunshine board, which is good for anti-fog product has been widely used in all kinds of greenhouse greenhouse flower room, ecological engineering and restaurant. As we all know, the sunshine board with high transparency, qualitative light, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardant, anti-aging and other characteristics, and the price is cheap, sunshine board approved by many users. The sunshine board products, except for greenhouse and ecological restaurant together can also be used for industrial factory building, decoration, advertising signs, poncho bike shed, channel, daylighting residence, commercial lighting awning, exhibition categories such as daylighting. Such as it can be used as exterior decoration of commercial building, modern city building curtain wall; Telephone booth, advertising signs, light box advertising display exhibition and etc. In the use, the sunshine board price to the future development of the economic also supply the warp and woof of outstanding. For some large modern shopping malls, halls, the daylighting of the sports venues and other requirements, also can use the sunshine board products. In addition can also be used for making strange landscape, recreational places decoration gallery pavilion, and resting places as a wall, roof, and indoor decoration materials, such as screen, also can be used for highway and city highway noise barriers. In addition, in the use of some special occasions, we can also use multilayer sunshine board. By comparison, the sunshine board sound insulation is very good, with heat insulation function, support ability is better than two layer board. Multilayer polycarbonate sheet will more than double plate materials, so the sun together board price will be higher. If the material does not add according to the layer number of share, the thickness of the sandwich plate can't keep up with instead more thin will affect the quality.
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