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Sunshine board development restriction factor and the breakthrough of our country

by:UNQ     2020-10-10
1259 because of the particularity of production material and manufacturing process, makes the sun made of plate not only has good heat preservation performance, and compared with the other lighting material, sunshine board and making a better heat transfer performance. Is because of the excellent physical properties, sunshine board was as greenhouse covering the preferred material, is of great significance to energy conservation. Also because the sunlight of the material production process characteristics, so far the price of the material is still relatively high, and like a polycarbonate is mainly rely on imports. In our country at present the theory study of the sunshine board is still in its infancy, remains to be further theory research. Analysis on the performance of the sunshine board, largely limited to the optical and mechanical properties research, thermal performance for sunlight plates, dew drops, corrosion resistance, flame retardant performance aspects such as understanding insufficiently, especially in the aspect of theory, so the lack of specific theory research and analyze the data. Not only that, in the processing technology of the sunshine board form is single, more varieties of forms of sunshine plate should be developed. Although the sunshine board market demand is very big, but the existence of the above several aspects reasons, have restricted the development of our country's polycarbonate sheet. With the rising popularity of digital media, people gradually reduce the use of CD and DVD, electrical, electronic, and film and plate will replace the optical media, it promoted the sunshine board products market demand. And from the point of sunshine board global market pattern, Europe and the asia-pacific region demand growth is relatively obvious, Europe is an important reason for the growth of the strong demand for technology products boost demand more and more. And I C sunshine board market consumption growing rapidly, because this kind of plank of electronic, electrical, construction industry has become the preferred material, so, as long as there is break the limit of the sunshine board industry development prospects will be limited.
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