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Sunshine board construction technology

by:UNQ     2020-10-01
Main construction technology, 211 ( 1) Elastic line: according to drawings, elevation and sunshine board ceiling position size and has been the center of the determination of the pop-up sunshine board ceiling skeleton line of position. ( 2) Embedded parts: according to the elevation of the main skeleton line of sunshine board ceiling position, check whether the hole the beam and elevation above comply with the design requirements, if there are any differences should take chisel or with high strength grade of cement mortar leveling process, after reaching strength, according to the size of deepening the design detail drawing embedded steel bolts location line, then drilling put bolts, installation of steel plate and the fixed expansion bolt. Then the main skeleton III) L line to the embedded steel plate. ( 3) Install the frame: according to the pop-up sunshine board ceiling in the middle of the main skeleton line of position after the first installation ends its method will be 60 mm x 40 mm x 3 mm square steel tube company after assembled on the roof, with human in position online, pendant with lines, vertical and intermediate temporary fixed after welding with embedded steel plate. On both ends of the main skeleton after ok, intermediate and 1500 mm on each side ( From steel bearings on both ends to a quantity) After three longitudinal flux lines, from one end to the other side again one by one to complete installation. ( 4) The installation time frame: the polycarbonate sheet ceiling main framework fixed after the completion of installation, the installation sunshine board ceiling 60 mm x 40 mm x 3 mm square steel skeleton, and alignment, leveling, and the main frame welding fixed. While sunshine board installation, moistureproof agent was laid. ( 5) The installation of outer sunshine board: according to the design layout position, will be ready to fit the sunshine board for installation, after installation sunshine board, longitudinal seam, the edge of joints in + 'line. ( 6) Glue, install the layering: after fully check the outer polycarbonate sheet installation quality, and install outer sunshine board, side dozen weather resistance rubber, then install off aluminum alloy layering. Install the layering of interval and the screw position must conform to the requirements of the drawings. ( 7) Install the inner sunshine board: according to the drawings, will fit sunshine board ready for installation, the bottom of the upper plate should be installed through clear clean white towel, at the same time, the inner sunshine board allows the clear clean before the installation, in order to avoid interlayer pollution cannot be cleaned and influence macro effect. ( 8) Glue, install the layering: after fully check the inner sunshine board installation quality, and install the inner polycarbonate sheet, side dozen weather resistance rubber, special aluminum alloy layering installation. Layering of the interval and the screw position must conform to the requirements of the drawings. ( 9) All the sunshine board after the installation, the sunlight board roof eaves weeks outside circle - also must be conducted the nodes according to the drawing T。 Eaves all closed out only after the protective casing can be pulled down. Protective shed must be conducted in accordance with the requirements of scaffolding demolished, and finished product protection, anti - II: the damage will be finished. Second, quality standards and quality assurance measures. The engineering quality of steel structure production, installation, in accordance with the 'standard of steel structure construction and acceptance' ( GB50205 - 96). The standard is carried out. Square steel main frame and steel members according to classification, the stacking sequence model, pens, for easy access, do not overlap stacking components; Stacked arc square steel skeleton ( Roof) Nowadays the article down to pad. Square steel feng skeleton before installation must nuclear pair of any size, quality of weld, screw hole position, such as to conduct a comprehensive inspection, fully meet the design requirements can only be carried out after installation. The sun plate cutting and transportation must ensure the quality. Special attention should be paid to the sunlight head on both ends of the plate, to ensure that no damage, avoid air pollution. Of transportation of the steel skeleton must take put down gently, without collision, sunshine board transport over long distances must be conducted with a small box packaging.
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