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Sunshine board construction organization plan

by:UNQ     2020-10-29
174 polycarbonate sheet construction plan: first, project summary, sunshine board ceiling in three layer 1 / L ~ U axis, axis and symmetric position 64 ~ 62 VIP corridor is in two places. ceiling adopts double, material use American GE GE brand sunshine board, outer sunshine board use 20 mm thick honeycomb plate, the inner use 16 mm thick honeycomb plate. This kind of thermal insulation coefficient of 0. 982, a unique processing technology on the surface, resistance to ultraviolet ray in sunshine of destruction without fading light transmitted, do not fade, nor to reduce the intensity of weather factors. Every VIP propylaea sunshine board ceiling total length of 42. 68 m, with a total projected width is 7. 465 m, arch of level 1. 821m。 Sunshine ceiling things direction three boards, vertical projection width is 2 in the middle. 889m; Both ends of the vertical projection width is 2. 288m; North and south direction of roof frame is 1 m, end points, width of 0. 91 m, the total projection area of 637 m2. When designing such a sunshine board ceiling, in order to prevent sandwiched between a condensed water on the east-west main keel filled with molecular sieve to the effect of vacuum glass will not appear by temperature condensate polycarbonate sheet and 60 mm * 60 mm * 3 mm galvanized square steel aluminum is used to connect with the main skeleton layering, with flat head bolts tightened.
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