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Sunshine board builds the sun room there are different designs

by:UNQ     2020-11-01
2690 about application of polycarbonate sheet, should be used to build the most prominent sun room, which in the reasonable use a space at the same time, also can enjoy the resources of nature to give - — The sun. But the culture, the different design concept, make Chinese and western in the arrangement of the sun room there are big differences, what are the specific performance? Sun room are generally use polycarbonate sheet, set up on the balcony or patio and a space, although the area is not very big but there will be a very good light. In the sun room equipment, the Chinese designers will be biased towards the use of natural materials, such as natural pebbles, stone material, and simple colour collocation, create a simple, quiet sense. While western designers like fusion in the sun room design artistic exaggeration, everywhere reveal fashionable amorous feelings. This is one of the typical Victorian sun room, first to each frame structure build rectangular or trapezoidal bevel, polycarbonate sheet at the same time also on installation will be supplemented by the adornment of exaggeration, create a different space.
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