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Sunshine board broken main factors and prevention measures

by:UNQ     2020-10-05
1302 sun plate is essentially a polycarbonate plate, has a series of excellent performance, such as pervious to light, sound insulation, energy saving, beautiful, absolutely people's pursuit of ideal building decoration materials. As the sunshine board using more and more widely, in use process presents the problem of more and more, damage is just one of them. Know what are the factors cause polycarbonate sheet damaged? Likely related to machining tool, theoretically requires cutting tools shall not cause any damage to the processing parts of the sunshine board, and the incision must be smooth, or even a slight injury, will also result in severe cracking phenomena of sunshine board. The second sun plate is allowed to damage or remove the protective film before the installation is complete, in order to avoid scratch the surface, protective film (incomplete in sheet will become one of the main reason for the breakage. At the same time, must not allow the sunshine board nailed on the skeleton directly, otherwise you'll do a high amount of stress due to the expansion of the plank and damage the hole edge. In addition, must be a sunshine board to choose suitable for polycarbonate plastic sealing glue and sealing pads, and in its wet assembly system to use wet seal glue paste. And is the setting of the bending radius, if bending sunshine plate curvature radius is too small, its mechanical strength and chemical resistance will fell sharply, which has a dangerous stress cracking problems. For multilayer board, must not be perpendicular to the direction of the rib to bend, it will not be able to produce surface purlin effect, and under the effect of stress, the prompt plank crushed and broken. In general, the way to prevent polycarbonate roofing sheets rupture or have more. Check first to make sure that the skeleton, must level off, can not have welding scar, defects such as burrs, and must be thoroughly dry on the skeleton, must not have volatile solvent; Then butyl waterproof tape laying on either side of skeleton, forming a small sink; Then place the polycarbonate sheet on the skeleton, board with board between the reserved expansion joints. Then use the EPDM layering pressure between the plate and plate outlet, with self drilling screws, it can not only guarantee the accuracy of the sunshine board installation, and also can reduce unnecessary damage.
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