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Sunshine board before installation considerations

by:UNQ     2020-09-29
1993 a, before installation, we will first plate fixed on the edge of the area and protective film peel - five 10 mm, in order to prevent the protective film will affect the joint sealant with hollow plate sealing effect. Second, the plank of the saw can use graphic tool or saws cutting: 1, hollow plate can be cut with box cutters and chainsaw, but if use chainsaw must pay attention to the cutting of the powder is clean; 2, polycarbonate sheet with saws cutting, in order to prevent the work sheet appear jagged lead to stress cracking, when at work, please forward this plate finishing and pressing. Three, plate drilling note: 1, when drilling to ensure plate and tidy flat; 2, to meet the drilling burr around, at the same time, in order to prevent plate stress caused by the error appear jagged when fracture, please select special equipment when punching. Four, plate edge sealing treatment: 1, the selection of sealant types: first, dust proof and, second, can prevent dust moisture; 2, when the choice, and dirt and are often used, but in view of the plate edge position is higher at the same time there will be no water to enter, type can prevent dust moisture. Five, plank transport considerations: 1, if the board is of the roll type, so before installation should be sunshine board or endurance plate and tidy flat, placing for a while; 2, hollow sunshine board can be placed at different levels according to the variant 12 - Between 24 h, but the endurance plate requires 24 h.
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