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Sunshine board become popular plank

by:UNQ     2020-10-27
228 polycarbonate sheet is mainly composed of PC/PP/PET/PMMA material and made of abs and PC material. English is polycarbonatehollowsheet petsheet pmmasheet or ppsheet. is domestic for known as polycarbonate hollow sheet, is generally not used to refer to other hollow plate. Corresponding to its fellow products polycarbonate endurance plate, physical properties, endurance plate is a solid board, sunshine plate is hollow plate. Polycarbonate sheet ( Endurance plate and sunshine board) ) Once called lung kapoor board, is take the polycarbonate carbonate transliteration of the original English word polycarbonate. But carbonate means carbonate, the error is taken out of context introduce and popularize outside events are occurring. Because of the sunshine board quality, unique architectural design, decoration engineering, environmental engineering, and advertising industry in general. It is one of the board of popular since the late 1980 s, the global sales of more than 1 billion square meters. This number is very surprising. , then, what is the cause of the popular? Here we summarized the main reason, together with you. Health: dry operation can reduce the waste pollution to the environment. Building steel structure materials can be recycled 100%, most other supporting material also can be recycled. In line with the current environmental protection consciousness;
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