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Sunshine board awning make use other materials instead of?

by:UNQ     2020-11-16
1941 families have a sun room is not, but the window is always necessary, and many families for the awning on the Windows installation to keep out sunshine and rain, so endurance plate is in addition to the sun room, carport facilities such as material, is also a material of choice for the awning. The following will introduce revolves around this application, we can explain why are biased towards the endurance plate. Actually choose other material to make the awning is not can't, such as plastic, metal, etc. , but plastic use after a long time will be broken easily happen; The tin it the better, but easy to rust, so also carries on the antirust processing, noise is also a big impact. Thus, these materials have some disadvantages awning, and to solve it still need endurance plate. So endurance plate not only has high strength, good rust resistance, at the same time also has the effect of sound insulation, and also have outstanding performance in impact resistant ability, even the load didn't make him suffer. Still can't ignore that endurance plate cost is low compared to other materials, so popular.
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