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Sunshine board and double sunshine board in four layers thickness and the difference on the cost

by:UNQ     2020-10-28
2258 sun plate can be carried out in accordance with the layer number of how many distinctions, four levels of the sunshine board and double is that they come out of the polycarbonate sheet, what are the similarities and differences between the two? Through the understanding, can also for future selection of sunshine board to provide a certain basis. In common is the four levels of the sunshine board and double sunshine board are sunshine board, so the basic functionality is the same, but still many differences. Is certainly the thickness, we discovered the first four layers obviously sunshine plate thickness is thick, so can make plate has better resistance to impact strength, sound insulation and heat preservation effect, so the sunshine board in the construction of some public facilities with more. can also be divided into four layers rectangle and honeycomb type two kinds, among them many of the men in the greenhouse is honeycomb plate more sunshine. And average sunshine board basic it is double the sunshine board, its thickness in 4 mm - 12 mm ranges. Another difference is that in terms of cost, since the quantity of four levels of sunshine board is more, and most are imported material, so naturally costs more, the price relative to double the sunshine board is far more natural.
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