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Sunshine Board analyzes the precautions for buying PC Sunshine Board for you

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
Whether as a member of the PC sheet industry or as an employee of the Manufacturer Company, many times I have seen customers being violent by black-hearted businessmen because they do not understand the industry, and I cannot help feeling uneasy... Whether it is in the PC sheet industry As an employee of the Manufacturer Company, a member of the company, many times saw customers being violent by black-hearted businessmen because they did not understand the industry, and felt uneasy in their hearts. manufacturers, as a well-known PC sun board manufacturer in China, have the responsibility and obligation to maintain the healthy development of the PC industry. Here, in order to protect the interests of our customers, we have summarized the following points that need to be paid attention to in the PC sunshine board trading process. 1. How do we simply identify the quality and warranty period of the colored pc sunshine board? In order to take care of most customers, domestic pc sunshine board manufacturers generally divide their products into high, middle and low grades; some are classified according to the quality guarantee period. Some sunshine board manufacturers distinguish quality by imported materials, domestic materials, new and old mixtures, etc. For transparent solar panels, it can be identified by light transmittance, while other colors of solar panels are difficult to distinguish. Here are a few very simple methods: (1) Look at the grammage of the board, the higher the grammage is relatively good (it can distinguish imported brand-new materials and domestic brand-new materials). (2). Check the surface carefully to see if it contains impurities (used to distinguish whether it is mixed with recycled materials. (3). Observe whether there are pits on the surface. Generally, low-quality polycarbonate particles generate sunlight because of uneven quality. After the board, there will be translucent spots. 2. How to judge whether a company is a sunshine board manufacturer on the Internet? Everyone knows that products such as engineering plastics are ordered directly from the manufacturer, the quality is more guaranteed, and the price is more reasonable. But the network The information on the Internet is messy and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. There are a few simple tricks: (1) Observe the name of the company. If it contains words such as commerce, trade, etc., it is usually a middleman. The name of the manufacturer usually has Industry logos or production terms such as “manufacturing.” (2). The headache is that some leather bag companies even fake and change their names to certain manufacturing companies in order to impersonate manufacturers; this requires another judgment method. In order to maintain operations, general trading companies, Need to carry out a variety of businesses, such as: frp solar panels, lighting tiles, pc solar panels, carports, canopies, acrylic panels and other peripheral products related to PC materials. And the formal professional solar panel manufacturers will only Continuously in-depth research and development in the professional field. (3) manufacturers remind customers that if conditions permit, it is recommended that you visit the factory directly to negotiate. 3. Try to avoid ordering on the Taobao platform! Most Taobao shop owners seek violence, Utilizing industry loopholes in every possible way, such as low difference, warranty period, weight and other big fuss. Since the establishment of Manufacturers, the company has adhered to the concept of 'integrity management, quality firstCountries and regions, main products: PC sunshine board, endurance board, daylighting board, PC tile, etc. Hotline:
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