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Sunshine board analyzes the choice of PC sun board or endurance board for carport canopy

by:UNQ     2021-04-29
There are many applications of PC board, of which the application of carport canopy occupies a large proportion. Whether it is a large-scale municipal project or a residential parking shed, or a simple canopy for home use, the choice of PC board is very... PC board has many applications, and the application of carport canopy occupies a large proportion. Whether it is a large-scale municipal project or a residential parking shed, or a simple canopy for household use, the choice of PC sheets is worthy of consideration. Over the years, we have accumulated many cases of large and small carport awnings. Among them, the proportion of customers who use sun board endurance boards is half. Let us analyze the advantages and disadvantages between the following two. The PC sun board is hollow and light in texture, but its impact resistance is relatively poor. If the board is applied in the south, it will occasionally be impacted by strong hail. The ordinary double-layer 8mm or 10mm sun board has The risk of being smashed by hail (can withstand the impact of small hail), which is a disadvantage of the sun board relative to the endurance board. But if there is a requirement for the thermal insulation of the carport canopy, because of the unique hollow solar panel of the solar panel, then the pc solar panel is the best choice. Moreover, the price of PC hollow solar panels is several times cheaper than that of endurance panels. The structure of the PC sheets is solid, and the light transmittance and appearance should be more beautiful. Its biggest advantage is impact resistance. The endurance board of 4mm or more can withstand the impact of large hail (the endurance board itself has a certain degree of elasticity. ). Another advantage of endurance board is texture and aesthetics. If customers have requirements for aesthetics, PC sheets is the best choice. As mentioned above, the disadvantage of the endurance board is that it is more expensive. Take the 4mm endurance board as an example, its price is four times that of the 8mm sun board. It can be seen that how to choose depends on the user's preference; the following is the thickness recommendation of the sun panel manufacturer for the user's canopy. If you use PC sheets, we suggest you can choose Golden Land for ten years or ten years, the double layer thickness is 6mm-10mm; if you use endurance board, you can choose ten years, the thickness is 3mm-5mm; whether it is PC sheets or endurance board, color There are several choices, our recommendation is lake blue, grass green, royal blue, milky white, gray, brown and so on. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the concept of 'integrity management, quality firstsupport hotline:
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