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Sunshine board after surface processing will become what?

by:UNQ     2020-11-04
2471 recently, small make up have found polycarbonate roofing sheets one of the main purposes, is made into the polycarbonate sheet act the role of flour products. But need to get to sunshine board for further processing, what kind of processing technology that can make the adornment effect of the amount of polycarbonate roofing sheets by? Here refers to the sun plate surface machining, surface mould is used to get the beautiful sunshine board veneer, not only has the very good decoration, decorative surface water resistant, wear-resisting performance is very good also. In fact, we have also considered before made of other materials surface processing, but the effect is not ideal as sun plate materials to. often use surface moulding technology at present mainly has two kinds, one kind is sunshine plate is placed within the hot-pressing mold, made by the pressurized heating time; And the material is placed within the mold, the limit forming. By contrast, the former is better formability, but process is more complex; The latter process is simple, so you don't usually are tend to the latter.
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