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Sunshine board after installation in the joint method is what

by:UNQ     2020-10-03
Sunshine 215 home plate when we need to install, how should be installed between the sunshine board and sunshine board in the pick up? Sun plate is characterized by heat bilges cold shrink, unlike metal stents, is about 0. 65 mm/m/c ( Temperature difference) 。 Metal stent is a major partner installation, metal stents under sunlight temperature went up quickly, so it is the first bulge. Closely connected to support sun plate heat transfer and expansion will be long, then some sunshine board is by solar radiation heat accumulation and long. 。 。 。 。 Can know is that this expansion is not the same speed and in the same way when the temperature drops from the cold, too is not synchronized. Therefore, will appear in the joint of plank with stents, crowded, the fatigue stress can tear sealant, or a one-time more than the power of an elastic range will tear sealant. How to solve the above problems, the correct way is: sunshine plate thickness size smaller (as far as possible No matter how should not exceed 8 meters long) Should try to keep your secret, purlin and bracket ( 1 in general. 05X1; Endurance plate commonly 0. 7 x1) , pay more attention to when choosing sealant weatherability and elasticity, and must cooperate with thickness of 2 mm above the other sealing means ( The EPDM gaskets or lions force, sealing tape) 。 Sun plate installed by joint methods polycarbonate sheet, no matter under what circumstances, sun panels shall be in accordance with the stiffener in vertical way, the installation of such polycarbonate sheet in order to strengthen the plate strength, pressure to prevent snow, winds and so on. We know that in a fixed polycarbonate sheet commonly used way is to use the layering. And layering block drainage situation, and growth of algae growth ( Plate will be sediment in bump layering) , this is because the groove in a certain temperature caused by long-term accumulation of condensation water. Due to dust moisture accumulation and the groove/insects may be a major problem, therefore an important aspect when installation is edge sealing, to open at the end of the groove. There are several ways to significantly reduce the pollution, choose which method depends largely on the local environmental conditions. Sun plate edge has tape package, this is accompanying the sunshine board tape is only used to offer sheet protection during transportation and storage, they are not impervious seal, install tape. Before installation, the adhesive tape should be replaced with the below mentioned the tape. Before using tape, should from the sheet peel on the edge of all of about 50 mm cover membrane. The rest of the cover film only can be removed after the installation is complete.
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