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Sunshine board according to the classification should be how to buy?

by:UNQ     2020-09-28
218 the current development of the sunshine board technology matures, can according to customer needs, based on the characteristics of production lines to produce different structure, different efficacy, different colors of the sunshine board, for customers to use different engineering requirements. So PC sunshine board what are the categories? In addition, in accordance with the structure can be divided into double, four layers, honeycomb, rice word, how can also be classified? from the internal structure can be divided into two layers of insulating board, three layer hollow board, PC polycarbonate sheet, rice word sunshine board, straight sunshine board, PC lock sunshine board, and so on. Two layers of corrugated board mainly suitable for general construction, lighting, decoration purposes. Commonly used, the price is relatively low; Four levels of hollow plate mainly used for the architectural lighting situation of high demand, the strength of structure is also suitable for outdoor and indoor partition ( Including noise barriers) And greenhouses, construction of ecological restaurant and so on the ceiling and all around. In addition to the structure, the PC from function points a brilliant bright polycarbonate sheet board, intelligent temperature control board, plate, the droplets plate type, such as crystal plate is uniform distribution in hollow plate of the special material particles, the light is downy, for there is a requirement for light lighting decoration occasion; Intelligent temperature control board to do the look of a ceiling temperature in sunshine board or facilities, the warm in winter and cool in summer, there are two kinds of principle, is a kind of infrared absorption model, is a kind of infrared reflection type; Dispersion plate is dedicated to interior lighting box for a long time, through the diffuse reflection effect, make the light brightness uniformity and save energy source; Prevent droplets are specially designed for greenhouses and ecological restaurant, avoid droplets condense affect the light transmittance and avoid drops down the damage to the plants, animals, etc. Press the color points are transparent, lake blue, grass green, blue, green, brown, white, etc. , also special metal gray, black, emerald green, yellow, red, purple, etc. The choice of color mainly according to the set off of the environment, the preferences of the customers, the less the number can only take the commonly used color commonly used specifications ( Transparent, lake blue, grass green) High light transmittance of transparent, and opal, dark brown, silver grey through light close to natural light.
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