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Sunlight greenhouse dedicated PC sunshine board specific cost

by:UNQ     2020-10-23
1556 first needs to see the polycarbonate sheet is sunlight greenhouse, used here is, of course, greenhouse dedicated PC polycarbonate sheet, and there are some difference between general polycarbonate sheet. Cost will be slightly different, of course, this will also be involved in the whole plate sunshine greenhouse cost. Sunlight greenhouse in addition to need sunshine plate plate, its main body is light steel structure, and also on the steel skeleton of leaching zinc processing, in order to ensure that the service life and anti-corrosion effect, sunshine board also is to have the same effect here. Sun plate around the perimeter of greenhouse and 8 - the top general use 10 mm thick PC sunshine board as insulation cover material, it is because the PC sunshine plate heat insulation effect is good, and high light transmittance, at the same time also has the strong ability of tensile and tear, very suitable for greenhouses. And compared with the ordinary sun plate, this kind of the surface of the sunlight greenhouse dedicated PC sheets has anti dripping oxidation coating, can help improve the service life and effect; Plus it is hollow structure, better heat preservation effect into conditions. Sunlight greenhouse dedicated PC sheets on the market at present the sales price of 40 yuan or so commonly, so its cost is in commonly 50 yuan per square. And the sunshine board of greenhouse cost besides sunshine board cost, including the foundation frame, and other necessary ventilation cooling system, the internal and external shading system, double window ventilation system, power distribution control system, temperature insulation systems, such as cost, of course, little also not Labour cost.
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