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Sunlight board analyzes the difference between PC sun board and FRP daylighting board for you

by:UNQ     2021-04-28
In modern engineering buildings, part of the roof often needs lighting materials to cover to ensure the lighting of the interior space of the building, especially the production workshops, workshops, warehouses, gymnasiums, etc. When there is demand, there will be Ru0026D and manufacturing... In modern engineering buildings, part of the roof often needs lighting materials to cover to ensure the lighting of the interior space of the building, especially the production workshops, workshops, warehouses, gymnasiums, etc. When there is demand, there will be Ru0026D and manufacturing, so the product of FRP lighting board was created and applied to the above construction projects in a large range. Later, we created a new building covering material PC sunlight board, which has high light transmission and high heat preservation. , Lightweight characteristics have a tendency to gradually replace FRP lighting tiles. So what is the difference between the two? The following are the results we obtained through specific analysis from different angles. 1. Composition structure FRP daylighting board is glass fiber reinforced polyester (FRP daylighting board), commonly known as glass fiber reinforced plastic, also known as transparent tile, which is mainly composed of upper film, unsaturated resin and glass fiber. PC PC sheets is a high-performance lighting material made of polycarbonate top surface co-extruded with a 50um anti-ultraviolet UV layer and hollow structure. 2. The raw material for the production of PC solar panels is polycarbonate, which is an engineering plastic with excellent performance. It has light weight, flame retardant, high impact strength, high light transmittance, high stability, and easy bending of the finished product. characteristic. It is also an energy-saving and environmentally friendly material. It is the material of choice for making lighting materials. The main material of FRP is unsaturated resin, which has high strength and is flammable. The resin itself is easy to decompose above 50°C and has poor stability. The resin is chemically synthesized, using styrene solvent, which is toxic. 3. The light transmittance of high-quality PC solar panels and frp daylighting panels can reach about 80%. The difference is that PC solar panels have stronger permeability; the reason is that frp is a composite material, and the glass is used. The fiber blocks the line of sight, and the poor permeability of the resin itself causes the realization to appear foggy. 4. Insulation performance is compared from the raw materials alone. The heat transfer coefficient of pc is 0.2W/mk, and the heat transfer coefficient of FRP is 0.4w/mk. In addition, the hollow structure of pc solar panel makes the thermal insulation performance of PC solar panel. Far better than FRP lighting board. In other words, the solar panel is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than the frp daylighting panel. 5. Temperature adaptability The PC solar panel will not soften or become brittle in the temperature range of -40℃--+120℃, that is, in the temperature range of use, the mechanics and mechanical properties of the PC solar panel will not have any changes; FRP lighting Although the indicated use temperature of the board is also -40℃--+120℃, it will soften and deform at 50℃ in actual use. The solvent in the resin will bleed out at 100℃, and the resin will become brittle at -20℃. Easy to crack. That is, outside the temperature range of -20℃-+50℃, the mechanical and mechanical properties of FRP lighting tiles will be greatly reduced. 6. Anti-condensation PC PC sheets plus unique anti-fog drop technology, good anti-condensation performance, under extreme temperature difference and humidity conditions, the inner surface of the material will not condense, which affects the indoor environment; FRP lighting tile is easy Condensation. 7. Flame retardancy The flame retardant properties of the two are not the same. The resin composition of FRP is a flammable material. Even if a small amount of flame retardant is added, its natural characteristics are difficult to achieve flame retardant B1; and the pc material itself is difficult Burning B1 grade material, it can be seen that PC sunshine board is a better choice in terms of flame retardancy. Even so, some people can't help but say that the price of FRP is lower than that of PC solar panels. In the long run, the long service life of PC solar panels is the better choice for lighting materials. Moreover, with the addition of functional materials such as flame retardants on the market, the cost of FRP daylighting panels is ultimately comparable to that of PC solar panels. manufacturers specialize in the production of PC sun boards, endurance boards, lighting boards, PC tiles and other products. The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions in Europe, America, North Africa, the Middle East, etc., and have become an advanced enterprise in the industry praised by domestic customers. support hotline:
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