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Sun room leaks where is the problem?

by:UNQ     2020-11-25
Sun room 1653 building structure is a very popular, but if leakage problems troubling, generally, if sunshine plate quality qualified, installation is reasonable will not appear such problems. What place in operation is not in place? Once the sun room is leaking, the first thing we think of is the problem of material, inferior sunshine plate after being applied, will be due to withstand the test of the bad weather and heavy, premature occurrence quality problem. Of course it is possible that the problem of installation, if make the sealing not up to par, will leak, perhaps this is the screws and the problem of glue. In addition, if the paint on the wall layer due to the long and coating quality problems, create loose, glue can't connect with sun room, also the leakage phenomenon caused by cracks.
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