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Sun plate thickness of uv protective coating processing and control

by:UNQ     2020-10-09
1270 it is said that sunshine board has good anti-uv ability, that's because the board with a layer of uv protection layer, then there is the protective layer for testing, whether it to mark, this is also as the basic requirement of high-quality sun plate products. Plate making sun, as a result of using special extrusion grade high grade polycarbonate materials, its itself has certain anti-aging performance, so sunshine board made of nature in this respect is also very prominent. Second, sun plate is the main equipment out at the same time, also online altogether out of the uv protection layer, and sunshine board at the grass-roots level. Don't look down upon the sun the uv protective coating on the surface of the plate, it can be isolated from 99. 99% of the ultraviolet ray, make plate itself from the erosion of ultraviolet (uv) light. In addition, because online co-extrusion advanced craft, sunshine board of uv protection layer not layering and fall off. In addition, the sunshine board of anti-uv ability is good, the key also depends on uv protective layer thickness. Because of the relation of thickness, sunshine board uv protection layer invisible to the naked eye, people will be judged by observing the fault method such as color, but not very scientific. uv protection layer thickness of accurate detection methods need dedicated testing equipment. Since the sunshine board uv protection layer thickness is very thin, how is it out evenly distributed to the two meters width, on the other hand there are import special sunshine board production line to ensure; On the other hand is the polycarbonate sheet production process control, every once in a while and then online sampling, width detection 40 points, with professional chase microscope detection uv protective layer thickness, to control the stability of the thickness. Is like this, fully guaranteed the polycarbonate sheet uv protection layer thickness to the quality, in the actual use process can play a good uv radiation ability, extend the service life of the plate.
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