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Sun plate protective measures need to be in transit

by:UNQ     2020-10-28
2091 sunshine board in the use life is more and more, in this process, sun plate transport is also a problem. But it certainly won't sunshine board professional manufacturers, because they have rich experience in various aspects, or let the wuxi emperor lang tell about what sunshine board need transportation to ensure the integrity. If is the sunshine of thin plate, usually can roll into transport, more save a space so. But this approach is not applicable to thicker sunshine board products, then what should you do? That can only flat transport, at a fixed place with a rope, the rope and sunshine board, mark place mat something, can help to prevent the polycarbonate sheet was bad. And the upper part of the polycarbonate sheet couldn't heavy cargo, or sunshine board is easy to be damaged. At the time of transport sunshine board basically will use cars, so it is important to ensure that no dirt at the bottom of the car, so as to avoid pollution sunshine board. Preferably in the bottom of the product laid flat or cushion some of the soft material, or in order to ensure the sunshine board will not be damaged. Through these careful protection measures, and the sun plate products can be smoothly to the designated place.
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