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Sun plate of different shapes are come from where?

by:UNQ     2020-11-10
2241 in our daily life and work, everywhere polycarbonate sheet, and we are seeing is not the same shape, same color products. How is that these shapes are made of? You use the following method. In the sunshine board color can be done by adding color agent, the change of the shape? Don't try so hard, the manufacturers have ways, such as the cooling water loop method is adopted to polycarbonate sheet can finalize the design. By controlling the size of the flow, make the surface of the plate even by water, if the water is not evenly will appear the trace of water. In addition, the cooling air ring method can achieve the same effect, but this way would be more difficult to control, if do not good at it will have defects and sunshine board surface. So, still suggest cooling water loop method is used to determine sunshine plate plate type.
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