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Sun plate loading plan discussion

by:UNQ     2020-11-05
1882 for different users of the specifications of the polycarbonate sheet size also have asked, this respect in addition to its application performance have a direct relationship, play will involve transportation plan. When polycarbonate roofing sheets loading, you must also consider factors such as security, stability and economy, as far as possible to seek the best transport plan. Sunshine plate bending or better, so you can set the shipment loading can be twists and turns, but winding arc diameter is not beyond a certain standard. Combined with the number and thickness of the sunshine board, it is better to don't bend, because this applies to 7 mm below the sunshine board. If the sheet directly to the tile on the vehicle? It's no problem, the sun if the tail of the car to help and are equal, the front panels on the roof above the sunshine, then put back on top of the sunshine board all bent back. This not only stable, also won't risk by vehicle traffic, but this polycarbonate roofing sheets elasticity is very big, if small number can do that,
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