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Sun plate in cold bending and seal if you have any need to pay attention to details

by:UNQ     2020-11-03
2264 sun plate around us appears the frequency is very high, as a kind of building materials, sunshine board at the time of use is need to know there are a lot of technology, including the cold bending and sealing technology. These two aspects are the focus of the sunshine board products, don't be neglected, and strict operation to the following criteria. is one of the important use of sun room, in order to improve the lighting area and conform to the requirements of the construction of bending, sunshine board can follow the cold bending into different bending radius in the direction of the steel arch. This to improve the bearing capacity of the plate is also very helpful, but in the sunshine plate cold bending processing, must control the bending radius and the thickness of the plate, it is a basic prerequisite material application. In addition to the cold bending, and the required sealing technology operation, first of all to ensure that the plate surface must be smooth; Second board above the hole will keep clean; Seal after completion of all the parts are there should be no exposed parts, and so on, so as to ensure the long-term stability of the polycarbonate sheet seal.
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