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Sun plate huge market value and the selection of raw material standards

by:UNQ     2020-10-04
1325 with the continuous development of construction industry, we have more kinds of building materials product not only, also more and more high quality, as one of the sunshine board also had higher requirements. Compared with the traditional plank, sun panels in environmental protection, comfort, economy and so on to do the improvement. Improved through the use of advanced technology and materials, the board does not contain harmful substances, and the whole board no juncture, it fundamentally solved the problem of the mold. In addition to the composition and structure, the plate shape is more abundant. At present, the polycarbonate sheet mainly includes ten categories, on the market can transform to three hundred different types of designs, rich colors, patterns are diverse, but also can make all sorts of design, show the adornment effect is very good. The development trend of it in the construction market is very good, can get more profits. is not only has great advantage in terms of performance, also has unlimited potential in terms of sales value, in the numerous products because it has come to the fore, become an ideal wall decoration materials. Of course have to combined plate quality, price factors such as measure. For all of the sunshine board manufacturer, want to improve business efficiency we must ensure the quality of their own, and that in addition to have strict regulation, and better production process, to the choose and buy of raw material is also very important. On the market most of the polycarbonate sheet their raw material is polycarbonate material, and the material can be divided into two major categories of aromatic polycarbonate and polycarbonate, their properties and the effect is a big difference. From aromatic polycarbonate, its transparency is higher, and impact resistant ability is strong, but also has high heat resistance and insulation is good also, with this kind of material produced by the sun and prominent in impact resistance and heat resistance, etc. And polycarbonate material characteristic is wear and oxidation resistance, but the stability of the material is not particularly good, so the limits its application. However, this kind of material of environmental performance is higher, if you want to, the production of environmental requirements higher sunshine plate suggest or use the materials.
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