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Sun plate extrusion equipment principle of work and operation essentials

by:UNQ     2020-10-13
1362 mentioned sunshine board production equipment, people would first think of extruder, it is indeed a polycarbonate roofing sheets one of the indispensable mechanical equipment production. It was based on the heating, compression and shearing, the solid plastic melt into a uniform, and will melt into the next process, then the cohesive sun plate materials of polymer extrusion. In polycarbonate sheet production equipment of extruder operation process, the melt production comes to mix additives such as colour masterbatch and crushing process, and finished the melt must be uniform in the concentration and temperature, pressure and must be large enough. As sun plate polycarbonate aggregate production of raw materials, through the hopper into the barrel at the end of the barrel, and then through the screw to the other end of the barrel. In order to have enough pressure, the depth of the screw thread on the increased with the increase of the hopper. By external heating and heat production, polycarbonate and the friction between the screw make the sunshine board material soft melting. From the point of the sunshine board production technology, extruding machine is divided into three parts, at least part of feeding section, it can make the material to a relatively stable rate into the extruder. In general, in order to avoid charging channels blocked, this part will remain relatively low temperature. The other part is compressed, formed in the melt and pressure increase. Transition from the feed to the compressed paragraphs can suddenly can be gradually. One is measuring section, to ensure that the outflow of extruder sunshine board material is uniform. Generally speaking, as long as three parts of this work, master in sunshine plate extrusion molding is no problem. But the process is important to note that there are a lot of detail, otherwise will be affected by a lot of polycarbonate sheet quality.
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