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Sun plate endurance plate sheds the rain roof surface material is high efficiency and energy saving

by:UNQ     2020-10-11
216 now, we have been building decoration materials, the innovation, high efficiency and energy saving sunlight endurance plate is one of them, it can bring us high strength, waterproof and pervious to light, energy saving to all performance is superior, the construction of the main five surface material in room temperature, different types, and the sunshine board also brings us a different use effect, and the conditions of use. Endurance plate in the purpose of life is very wide, he is no longer a single used as in the construction of a warm room, it is also widely in our life in the construction industry, get effective use. At present in our daily life, everywhere can see the sunshine board, especially in the landscape recreational place, commercial buildings, both inside and outside decoration, all kinds of transportation, telephone booth, light box advertising, and so on, these all can play its important features, let sunshine board bring us good using effect, polycarbonate sheet is pervious to light, the fight against sex, uv protection, and it is very light in weight, and the effect of flame retardant, flexible, sound insulation, all these superior performance gave him a high utilization ratio, we now he became an important building decoration materials. Sun plate and the endurance and PC sheets, the two different plate can bring us different effect. PC sheets relatively speaking, its sound insulation effect is more obvious, its thickness and glass and the strength plate is the same, but its sound insulation effect is better, is currently the international highway noise barrier option 2 to choose material. Endurance plate relatively speaking, its pressure resistance would be stronger, that contrast of toughened glass, he has not broken glass and common sense, it can bring us the life of the high strength, can also bring us good effects. Endurance plate plasticity is very strong
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