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Sun plate, endurance plate layer of the tu prevent droplets etc. Why?

by:UNQ     2020-10-30
1604 if paying attention can be found, and the sun plate surface and endurance plate will have a layer of the bottom of the anti-fog coating, as a protective barrier, prevent droplets coating coating plate production process is one of the important link of cannot be ignored. What is the reason for doing this? To besmear prevent droplets coating on plate, in order to make it can be combined with a special material on the surface of the plate, makes the tension between droplets and the plate decreases, which can be directly along the surface of sheet flow, avoid the drop, so as to guarantee the polycarbonate sheet, endurance board service life in practical application. Them as an ideal heat insulation heat preservation material, in the sun room, greenhouse construction is often used to, but in fog weather, due to the effect of surface tension of the polycarbonate sheet, the fog will be formed in the plate surface water droplets, adsorption on the surface plate. With the continuous condensation of water droplets to form droplets, this will not only harm the plank, also can cause some adverse effects on indoor, to avoid words have to prevent the formation of droplets, besmear to brush the coating is one of the most effective way to diagnose.
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