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Sun plate decoration design skills in illustration

by:UNQ     2020-11-04
1987 sunshine board is a kind of ideal building material, decoration, decoration, often used when but there are a lot of attention to this. Small make up after understanding, found that compared to some of the people has not noticed, so want to share with you the, so as not to cause adverse effects. Now building floors are generally not very high, if use polycarbonate sheet to decorate the roof, improper handling easier to give a person with oppressive feeling, at the same time, in terms of feng shui is bad. Around so we can switch to low intermediate high polycarbonate sheet to decorate, so the visual effect have obvious change. And sunshine board had better give priority to with light color, you look at the sky is white, blue, in the nature and the earth is black and yellow, so as the roof of the sunshine board should also be in accordance with this law. During the day, the sunshine board has good light transmittance, can under the sun; But although there are light at night, after all, darker, lights may be used for lighting, so both the practical value, also have adornment value.
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