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Sun plate canopy heating means, and health care function advantage

by:UNQ     2020-10-24
1231 the construction of the canopy preferred material is sunshine board, rather than other materials for a reason, the key lies in the polycarbonate sheet has many obvious advantages. Sun plate canopy appeared not only solved the problem of the heating, also played a role in health care. 1, the superiority of the sun plate canopy on heating means choosing canopy built with sunshine board, make the traditional heating means there is a big and improvement, it is the way of the ground radiation heating, direct use in the modern advanced technology. has good pervious to light and heat, can a comprehensive range of absorbing heat from sunlight, so as to achieve a comfortable heating effect. 2, sun canopy in the health care function mainly because it helps to improve our blood circulation, so as to accelerate the metabolism of the body, just can have health care function. Use polycarbonate sheet as the canopy, whole and indoor clean degree is also improved, sun canopy that such a product, not only embodies in addition to the advanced science and technology of heating, at the same time, the environmental quality improved, at the same time save interior space. More crucially, strong sunshine board sound insulation performance of the canopy, thermal stability is strong, even if the outside temperature appear very big change, it will not be affected, durable and low maintenance cost, is an ideal solution to canopy.
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