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Sun plate canopy construction process and security matters

by:UNQ     2020-10-12
1309 construction of the canopy, the preferred material is natural polycarbonate sheet, but its construction technology is more complex. canopy construction starting from the elastic line, embedded parts installed, skeletons, sun plate, seal, etc. , and finished product after completion of the strict quality testing. 1, sun plate canopy construction technology of elastic line, embedded parts mainly to pop up the sunshine board ceiling feng skeleton line of position, it is according to the elevation of the drawings and the sunshine board ceiling position size and has determined the centerline. And then can be embedded parts, ensure the sunshine board canopy has a solid foundation. 2 the installation first, sun canopy skeleton backbone, after temporary fixation with embedded steel plate welding; On both ends of the main frame is ok, after the installation time frame, the installation of sunshine board at the same time, don't put the moistureproof agent lay. 3, sun board, both inside and outside two layer in the canopy sunshine board install corresponding size of the sunshine board ready for installation, after fully check the outer sunshine board installation quality, install the outer plate sunshine while playing weather resistance rubber, the installation of aluminium alloy layering, ensure the tightness. Then install the inner sunshine board in the same way. 4, sun canopy installation quality inspection and safety after the installation, all the sunshine board to deal with the whole device for testing, the first is to check the sunshine board the size of the canopy; The second is to examine the stability of the sunshine board canopy; At the same time also note the sun plate sealing of canopy. In addition, in order to prevent sun damage of head on both ends of the plate, can be thick stick a layer of protective film on it. Before the construction process in order to prevent deformation of frame construction should strictly packed neatly, and also to avoid the sunshine board during the installation process to collision, scratch, affecting the normal construction
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