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Sun plate before and after cleaning

by:UNQ     2020-10-21
After 200 sun plate device is needed clean can regularly, to keep an eye on some fundamental issues in the process of cleaning, together to prevent the sheet formation will be damaged. using category is different, the extent of damage also each are not identical, so whether it is correct after its before delivery is still the maintenance and protection. Instance, when polycarbonate roofing sheets before leaving the factory, for sunshine board must be sealed, and see the good sealing, to prevent the air into the formation of the sunshine board damaged. When the incoming check, also want to prevent direct accumulation, don't, with accumulation of corrosive chemicals to prevent damage to plank form must be. For sunshine plate clean, remember, must use warm water control in 40 ℃ or so, and will use soft cloth to clean, do not use sharp clean, prevent the scratch plate formation. The choice of detergent is also very cautious, choose no corrosive cleaner to help to clean the polycarbonate sheet. General sun plate appearance will be accompanied by a layer of protective film, unit of time should be the direction toward the sun, in the plate is not device in place before don't peel or damage them; Device was also just need to protective film from all round have 5 centimeters, so that the construction. Other hints and even sunshine board after the completion of the installation of the sealing side job, must seal, in addition to the use of plate panels can be, can also be beneficial to extend the polycarbonate sheet using life.
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