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Steps and precautions for laser engraving in plexiglass processing

by:UNQ     2021-04-03

  Plexiglas processing is easy to cut and engrave. There are various shapes and sizes, and the interest is relatively low. Plexiglass has two production processes, namely casting and calendering. The laser engraving machine mainly uses the casting method to produce the plexiglass, because the frosting effect produced by the laser engraving is very white, which is in sharp contrast with the original transparent texture. The calendering method is produced. The plexiglass is still transparent after laser engraving without a sufficient contrast effect. When buying plexiglass, it is important to emphasize to the dealer that it must be of high purity, otherwise the materials bought back may melt during engraving or cutting.

  Plexiglas processing is the most commonly used carving material second only to wood. Under normal circumstances, the plexiglass is engraved on the back, that is to say, it is engraved in the past and viewed from the back, which makes the waste products more three-dimensional. When engraving the back, please mirror the graphics first, and the engraving speed should be fast and the power should be low. If the power is too high during engraving, uneven stripes will appear on the bottom surface. If you want to engrave deeper, try engraving several times. In the case of back carving, for partial coloring, you should first sculpt the off-color area deeper, and then use flame polishing before you can fill in the color. If it is not polished, the color will not be uniform when seen in the past. It is relatively easy to cut plexiglass. If the customer's requirements are not high, it can be delivered after cutting without flame polishing. Otherwise, a blowing device should be used when cutting to improve the quality of the cut. When cutting more than 8mm plexiglass, large-size lenses should be replaced. Note: When cutting plexiglass, the operator must not leave, there may be flames during cutting. Acrylic pigments can be used for coloring, other pigments may destroy the finish of the plexiglass! After cleaning and engraving, you can use a damp cloth to clean the surface.

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