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Standard for the use of dustproof endurance board

by:UNQ     2021-03-04
Endurance board is the darling of various civil, industrial and news advertising industries. In terms of installation and material selection, it is the basic standard for selection and installation in various fields. Then in the installation process, what kind of materials can meet the requirements, how we should operate, and provide you with some detailed instructions: 1. The sealing adhesive material (such as sealant) on the transparent endurance board manufacturer's board should be harmless. 2. When the transparent endurance board wholesales manually install the board, it must have the tear resistance of the sealing tape. Transparent endurance board 3. When drilling, the diameter of the hole should be larger than the diameter of the bolt to prevent expansion and contraction of the steel plate. 4. Transparent endurance board manufacturers choose sticky agents that can adapt to cold and hot environments. 5. Dust-proof endurance board sealing tape needs to have good weather resistance and not lose viscosity and mechanical properties for a long time. 6. The plate end seal should be resistant to water, air and dust. 7. The sealing at both ends of the endurance board is very important. Airtight treatment can effectively prevent dust and dust, and can maintain transparency and beauty. How to install the PC endurance board When installing the PC endurance board, please pay attention to the following points: 1. Before installing the PC durable board, please check whether the surface of the skeleton is flat. If there are welds or burrs on the skeleton, replace the skeleton. The skeleton must be very dry, especially without any volatile solvents. 2. If you need to bend durable PC boards, the bending radius cannot be greater than 180 times the board thickness. 3. When installing the PC endurance board, please fully consider the thickness of the board and the influence of thermal expansion and contraction, and reserve enough embedding. When installing in summer, the embedded quantity can be appropriately reduced; when installing in winter, the embedded quantity should be increased. 4. Before installing the durable PC sheets, please remove the protective film from the fixed parts, because the protective film will have a certain effect on the combination of the durable board and the bonding agent. However, the secondary coating must be completed until the installation is complete. Do not use sharp tools to lift the protective film into the template. 5. If you want to drill holes on the board, the distance between the holes should be appropriate, not too large or too small. If the distance is too large, the accumulated thermal expansion length will be large, resulting in insufficient reserved space. If the spacing is too small, the movement of the paper will be restricted, resulting in excessive concentration.
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