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Sound barriers endurance plate can meet the production condition?

by:UNQ     2020-11-17
1560 is an indispensable part of urban road noise barrier, it basically is to have the effect of noise, so as to control the influence of noise on people. The key consideration when selecting a noise barrier material is endurance plate, just sound barriers can be made that this material? Through the understanding of the performance endurance plate found that endurance plate not only simple, but also good sound insulation effect, thus became the sound insulation material is a kind of common material, as a noise barrier is of course no problem. Made of endurance plate both of exactly how much noise can reduce noise barrier? According to the test, endurance plate amount of noise reduction and noise frequency, the height of the barrier, and the sound source and the distance between the receiver and other factors; Sound barriers and the effect of noise reduction and noise frequency components of the relationship is very big, so high frequency sound of greater than 2000 hz - 800 a 1000 hz frequency acoustic noise reduction result is better; But for about 25 hz low frequency sound, the effect is poor. So in the use of endurance plate structures, sound barriers, the barrier in order to make the noise reduction effect is good, should try to make the barrier near the sound source or the application of noise barrier.
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