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Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

Unique solid polycarbonate sheet is used of 100% virgin PC material. Thickness ranges from 1.0mm to 20mm. Usually width is 1.22m, 1.56m, 1.82m and 2.1m, and the length can be 30 meters or 50 meters long for roll, and it can also be cut according to customers requirements. Many colors, such as clear, bronze, opal, green and orange and other colors can be produced. With good light transmission and transparency, solid polycarbonate sheet can totally instead of glass, and with high impact resistance, it is hard to broke and can protect people from hurt for the scraps. And the solid polycarbonate roofing sheets are only half weight than that of glass for the same thickness. Unique Solid polycarbonate flat sheet can be coated with UV for double sides and reach 80um, which is lead technology in China. For the surface, it can be produced with embossed, frosted, light diffusion, anti-scratch and print, which meet for different applications. It is widely used for air transparent container, high speed way, office buildings, hotels, carport, canopy, greenhouse, LED panel board, instrument and so on.

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