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Simple introduction of sunshine board installation fixed way

by:UNQ     2020-11-04
1996 plate installation matters needing attention in the process of the sun, we have been introduced in the previous website news, today we will focus on practice, see how polycarbonate sheet install molding? After 1, ready for the polycarbonate sheet products, first to tear the protective film size, avoid installation accessories when layering of the protective film on the pin. And then check the expansion of the sunshine board reserved quantity optimal inappropriate, board size is not correct, etc. , ensure the sun plate can be installed in place. 2, sunshine board installation, the edge of the two pieces of material connected locally to keep a certain distance; If the polycarbonate sheet chooses cold bending is installed, it must pay attention to the direction of the cold bending; Considering the late use convenient in the process of the water out, to pay attention to the direction of polycarbonate roofing sheets tilting device. 3, after the installation is complete, but also to the sunshine board to conduct a comprehensive inspection, including appearance, quality is qualified; If there is any leakage, and so on, everything is correct then I can tear up the sun plate protective film.
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